30 obligatory rules for marathons that runners should know (Part 1)

If you are a long-distance runner or attend a marathon, you need to know the following principles. Big and small marathons in the world have different principles. However, there are basic rules that appear in all races that athletes must follow.

The major races in the world, for example, 6 races under the World Major Marathon system such as Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City Marathon have rules that force athletes to follow.

Here are the principles that are considered quite strange, but are strictly applied at major tournaments around the world.

1. Do not swear

The Boston Marathon has a very clear rule prohibiting swearing in the race.

2. Do not use alcoholic beverages when running

In most events, athletes are not allowed to run and use alcoholic beverages such as alcohol, beer.

3. Do not fold the bib

The bib is a digital printing paper that runs and attaches an electronic chip to the timer and you must not fold them, but must be worn neatly.

4. Do not use headphones

In many races, especially the Boston Marathon, headphones are banned from the track. You have to choose between music or race bounty (if you are among the podiums, you will be disqualified for violations).

5. Do not encourage makeup

Some fun tournaments encourage players to wear strange unique costumes to add appeal. But some prestigious runs do not accept this. Please consider that you turn into a dinosaur when running at the tournament with strict dress regulations.

6. Baby stroller is prohibited

The Boston Marathon and races organized in New York City (USA) prohibit athletes from carrying child carriage when racing.

7. Say no to flares

Never bring a flare to a track to celebrate or get noticed.

8. Do not drink while cheering

The New York City Marathon prohibits fans from watching the competition from bringing food and drinks to parties outside of the run.