30 obligatory rules for marathons that runners should know (Part 2)

9. Do not wear baggy clothes

According to the New York City Marathon rules, clothes that fit the body are encouraged rather than baggy, lacking athletic clothing.

10. Self-photographing sticks are prohibited

Selfie stick is banned at most running events, so do not think holding a “selfie” stick to take photos on the run is good.

11. Do not urinate in public

Runs often provide mobile toilets along the way. Therefore, urination behavior right on the run, not in the right place is strongly condemned.

12. Spitting carefully

The New York City Marathon allows athletes to spit on the run, but be aware of your surroundings so as not to disturb others.

13. Do not use water vest

If the terrain run requires athletes to have a water vest, the fairways, especially the major running events in the world, do not encourage this accessory. You can use a glove to hold the phone or a belt to hold small water bottles but a water-proof vest does not.

14. Running with pets is prohibited

Most race runs ban athletes bring pets such as dogs, cats to running with runners on the track.

15. Must be on time

You need to comply with the procedures to arrive at the departure area on time, otherwise will be disqualified.

16. Do not give numbers to others

Running events prohibit giving you a running number to someone else because it’s a fraud.

17. Agree with being photographed

When participating in running events, it means that you can be/photographed on the track. Like it or not, your image belongs to the jurisdiction of the race.

18. Do not use aerial video recording equipment

If you’re in the Chicago Marathon, don’t bring an aerial camera (drone, flycam) because that’s against the law.

19. Do not block other people’s runs

Deliberately blocking the path of the person who wants to overcome you is illegal in running competitions. If caught by the umpire, you will be disqualified.

20. Do not run for more than 15 minutes for 1 mile (1.6km)

If you join the Chicago Marathon, running for more than 15 minutes for 1.6km will make you unable to finish the race.