Armand Duplantis broke the world record for outdoor pole jumping

Armand Duplantis becomes the first person to break the legendary Sergey Bubka’s outdoor pole jump world record that has existed for almost 3 decades.

The Golden Gala athletics tournament Pietro Mennea, also known as the Rome Diamond League, has just ended the morning of September 18, 2020, in Italy, the world athletics have a chance to get up again with a super impressive performance. Swedish pole jump talent Arman Duplantis.

The new world record for outdoor pole jumping

The 20-year-old man successfully performed the 6m15 bar in the second dance, not only winning the gold medal of the award but also set a new world record in the outdoor men’s pole dance.

Armand Duplantis successfully implemented the 6m07 level in Switzerland

Duplantis officially surpassed the old 6m14 record set by legendary Sergey Bubka for 26 years. The Ukrainian pole jump star set that record at Sestriere in July 1994 and has challenged the limits of the juniors to conquer until now. This is among the great athletics achievements in the world.

Holding both outdoor and indoor male pole-jumping content

What’s even more amazing is that Armand Duplantis is now officially the holder of both outdoor and indoor male pole-jumping content world records. Before that in February 2020, this talent born in 1999 set a 6m18 record at an indoor tournament in Glasgow (Scotland). Duplantis surpassed the old 6m17 record held by London 2012 Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie (France).

Armand Duplantis officially has a personal record, set a national record, a Diamond League record, temporarily leading the world in 2020 with this 6m15 achievement. Winning the silver medal was Ben Broeders, who set the Belgian national record with a record of 5m80. Southeast Asian pride, Filipino star Ernest John Obiena won third place with his best jump of the season: 5m80.

Armand Duplantis has American and Swedish blood. He was born and raised in America, whose father is also a pole jump player. But Duplantis plays under the Swedish shirt, the nationality of his mother. 6m15 is the level of the beam that Duplantis has tried many times at this year’s tournaments, but this time it was successful in Rome Diamond League.

6m07 has been the best bar at an outdoor tournament since 1994

In the men’s 400m hurdle run also recorded a new record at the Golden Gala when Karsten Warholm (Norway) established a record of 47 seconds 08 (47.08) in the Rome Diamond League.

This is the 24-year-old boy’s third-best personal achievement, but it is the best achievement in this content at a tournament held in Italy. Karsten Warholm passed the old record of 47.48 by Abderrahman Samba (Golden Gala) and 47.37 by Edwin Moses (Stadio Olimpico).