Essential things you need to prepare for every race track

Running in the minds of people is merely running on predetermined roads and with certain distances. However, in order to have a successful running season, the organizers and the athletes themselves need to have extremely careful precautions and preparation.

In each race, the most important and most important thing is the safety of each individual athlete on each distance. To prepare for that safety, a Race Kit is an indispensable product, always accompanying the athletes on the “dreamy” runways of the S-shaped strip. However, not all athletes understand the uses and their meanings so that you can choose a suitable Race Kit for yourself.

Basic products MUST HAVE in a Race Kit


BIB is the registration number for a run printed for each participant and each will have a different number. In addition, in long-distance competitions, BIB also has color to help guides can guide runners on the right track.

Rescue horn

Usually on every professional run, each contestant will have a rescue whistle, in case of getting lost or encountering unexpected accidents, you can call for assistance of the organizers.

Running shirt

Running shirt is a souvenir product for athletes. Moreover, equipping the race kit with a standard material can help runners reduce heat, increase sweat and air flow, help the athletes feel more comfortable. And the running shirt also helps the organizers quickly recognize their athletes.


Regardless of the distance run, athletes also need to equip themselves a backpack. This is to pack all the necessary items on the run. The backpack does not need to be too big. However, it should enough to contain necessary things. Besides, it should be especially light, made from cool material, without creating more weight for the athletes on the run.

In addition to the necessary products, the medals for the best athletes or the badge to keep memories are also “expensive” items in each Race Kit.