Has Joshua Cheptegei’s 5000m run world record ever been broken? (Part 2)

At the start of the race, Cheptegei was said to have benefited from  Roy Hoornweg, Stephen Kissa, and Matthew Ramsden. But in the following part, this guy has created his amazing achievement.

Stephen Kissa (Uganda), whose personal best personal record for 5000m is 13:10, took the lead 5/12 first round before Matt Ramsden (Australia) led in the 6th round. But since then, Cheptegei by himself took the lead and led the second half to finish strong.

Stephen Kissa

Nicholas Kimeli (Kenya) finished second with a record of 12: 51.78, who had the same strategy as Cheptegei. Immediately after this 5000m world record, Joshua Cheptegei planned to break the 10,000m world record of Kenenisa Bekele himself, who is still the record for this content with 26: 17.53 achievement set on 26 / August 2005 in Brussels (Belgium). This record has also stood for 15 years and is challenging all the athletes later.

Bekele (38 years old) now has another concern about how to break the marathon world record (42,195km) or simply beat the legend of this content: Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya.

Returning to Joshua Cheptegei’s ambition to dominate the 5000m and 10,000m runways in the 5 years, this 1996-born star has the confidence to do it, as he broke the 5000m world record a few days ago.

From February until now, Joshua Cheptegei has not competed in any tournament

From February until now, Joshua Cheptegei has not competed in any tournament because of COVID-19 pandemic. But that is the driving force and momentum for this star to fulfill this important goal.

Joshua Cheptegei’s record before breaking the 5000m men’s world record at Monaco is as follows.

– August 29, 2019: 5000m Zurich Diamond League Champion (Switzerland).

– October 6, 2019: 10,000m gold medal at the World Championship in Doha (Qatar).

– December 1, 2019: set a world record of 10km (off the road) in Valencia (Spain): 26:38.

February 16, 2020: set a world record of 5km (off the road) in Monaco: 12:51.