Has Joshua Cheptegei’s 5000m run world record ever been broken? (Part 1)

That is the question that experts ask when limiting people to conquer running distances seems to reach the threshold, especially when Joshua Cheptegei broke the 5000m record that existed for 16 years.

On August 14, 2020, at Herculis Diamond League in Monaco, the first major athletics tournament of 2020 held after the outbreak of COVID-19, Joshua Cheptegei stunned with a new world record of 5000m male content.

The record has been broken

After exactly 16 years, 2 months, and 14 days (since May 31, 2004, in Hengelo, the Netherlands), the new 5000m male record 12: 37.35 (12 minutes 37 seconds 35) of star Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) has been broken. Joshua Cheptegei not only easily won the championship but also broke this record by nearly 2 seconds (12: 35.36), a distance that is considered too far in speedrunning content.

Cheptegei runs a round of the field (400m) with the following parameters 60.70 (60 seconds 70), 61.70, 60.64, 60.41, 61.25, 60.91, 60.03, 60.10, 60.18, 60.33, 59.97, and 59.64. The average speed per round is 60.43, ie 4: 03.07 (4 minutes 03 seconds 07) per mile (1.6km) or 2: 31.47 / km (average pace is close to 2:32).

According to this metric, Cheptegei runs 1600m with only 4: 02.36 and that is the world record for this distance. And if you count to 3000m, this star only runs out 7: 33.21. Meanwhile, the pace for the world record is 7: 34.41 (world record 3000m is 7: 35.14)… Some parameters above enough to see the performance Joshua Cheptegei’s performance is “the top of the top”.

Specifically, on the race over the weekend in Monaco, the temperature was about 26 degrees Celsius. It was higher than the temperature at which two recent world records 5000 meters were broken (about 16 degrees C). This is a bit disadvantageous for Cheptegei. However, this star has adapted well and is too impressed.