Have the athletics world records reach the highest limits? (Part 1)

Greatness is always associated with athletes who do not know what the limit of achievement is. They are the ones who want to be better, faster, and stronger than everyone else. The question is, have athletics records reached their limit?

This is really a question that is not easy to answer because, in theory, the records up to a certain point cannot be broken. On the contrary, over the past 100 years, people have always strived to conquer new records, even if only a few hundredths of a second.

Is an athletics record made or is it born?

Behind every record of long jump, sprint or throw is always the result of an arduous training process. Day after day, year after year, coaches and athletes work together to perfect the techniques. They apply modern scientific methods to help athletes achieve the best results.

Have the athletics world records reach the highest limits?

However, aside from the undeniable fact that records are only made through practice, there are outstanding individuals who are born to be successful because they inherit genes above all else.

According to Paula Radcliffe, a world-record runner in a marathon, for a long time, her body can absorb a huge amount of training. This is essential to help her complete a contest not only lasted in time but also in the shortest time.

Emotions about a world record

While working on the BBC documentary “The Making of Me” in 2008, two-time world champion Colin Jackson, the 110m hurdle, discovered that 25% of his muscles were super fast. . This is a type of muscle fiber so rare that only over 2% has ever been found in other athletes.

Combined with his ability to focus, the guidance of a top coach since he was 15 years old. It is no surprise that this Jamaican-born athlete won the gold in the 110m hurdle. It was at the 1993 World Athletics Championship with record time.