How to run safely during COVID-19 pandemic? (Part 1)

In the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have to postpone sports events, even blockade or close the border. Let’s learn how to stay safe while ensuring your training effectiveness.

1. Is it safe to run outdoors?

Sure. Wearing shoes to go running with a few friends, in the open nature will be much safer than gathering in the room. In a small space, just need someone coughing or sneezing, the virus – if any – will follow the tiny droplets that cling to objects that people will accidentally touch and bring to their eyes, nose, mouth.

However, please always update the situation in your area. If someone is found to be infected with coronavirus, or the local government is enforcing travel restrictions, you should not go out.

The case if you yourself are infected with the virus, and are in isolation, of course you should not go out. You can still keep yourself healthy by doing indoor exercises such as skipping, plank, sniffing… If possible, jogging on indoor machines is an ideal.

2. Is it necessary to avoid running in groups?

You don’t have to worry so much about running with friends. Those who have symptoms of fever, they themselves are not interested in running anywhere. However, you should still protect yourself by keeping a distance, and avoid unnecessary contact, high-fives, for example. Finally, be careful to wash your hands thoroughly after running back.

3. Items in public places

Outdoor activities, it is difficult to avoid touching objects in public areas such as vending machines, WC doors, push buttons at the intersection. The fact that coronavirus can hardly live long outside. Under the sun, the surface of these places is not worrisome.

The problem is, if someone coughs or sneezes into the palm of your hand before touching these objects, you are the user again. If touching is required, use gloves (if possible), sleeves or elbows, and remember not to put your hand on your face.

4. Is Coronavirus spread through sweat?

Do not worry. Coronavirus is only spread through the respiratory tract in a close enough distance (less than 2m), not through the sweat.

5. If I have no symptoms, are there any risks of transmission?

The question seems redundant. But this is the most dangerous, and most misleading, point about coronavirus. No one can know if they have been infected, even in healthy bodies, can be infected and go away in a very short time.