Learn about the origin and development of athletics (Part 1)

The history of developing athletics from the past to survive until today has been through many efforts. Where did athletics come from and how did it develop? In the following article, we will learn the basics about athletics.

What are track and field?

The world athletic sport is a collection of many different sports such as walking, long-distance running, high jump, long jump, disc throwing, weightlifting… in different combinations. This is a sport that requires little equipment, simplicity. That is the reason why athletics has become the most competitive sport in the world.

Athletics sport is a collection of many sports such as walking, running distance

Athletics is an individual sport, except for relay racing as well as competitions that incorporate athlete performances. An important part of athletics is natural movements, which have a comprehensive development effect from fitness to improving health.

So athletics is considered an important sport to participate in physical education competitions to increase human health. In addition to the athletic competition in the Olympics, there are many other athletic tournaments around the world.

The term athletics used to this day has its origins in ancient Chinese, when translated to English as Track and Field (fill). When combining these two words that can be understood in the sense of the diameter of a circle, the runner inside is the center of the circle.

The history of athletics in the world

When the world knows about the concepts of running, sports shoes, race track, hours, mainly people run with only the goal of running away and survival. Until later, the concept of athletics was known based on the origin of the above purpose.

Also, until the moment an interesting story about the race between the little antelope wakes up to the thought of running faster than the big lion in the jungle of Africa. We humans and our ancestors also have to run to hunt, run to maintain our survival. The only gauge at this point is the unlimited runner to catch prey.