Learn about the origins and development of athletics (Part 2)

The birth history of athletics in the World

And of course, the best hunter will run fastest and catch a lot of prey. Greek kings proved that the person in the highest throne every three years had to run for the distance corresponding to that time.

And the athletic sport was formed and developed based on those survival wars. The first Olympic Games took place in Greece around 2,700 years ago. Athletes now joined with a track length of about 200 miles. The winner is a healthy soul with a healthy body.

Durable running is content in athletics. To have a good endurance run you should exercise good health before playing. In the 1600s, the British on a long trip to Rome marked the kilometer track. From there the Romans created the races and found the victors. During that time, after half of the 19th century, jogging became an important sport.

Athletics has passed through many years and generations

The development of athletics

It is known that athletics was born in 1600 to 1849 at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, England held an athletic competition. Next was the year 1850 at the University of Exeter, Oxford held a series of regular athletic competitions for university students. Just like that the athletic model became widely popular and organized in many countries.

Athletics has passed through many years and generations

By 1880 in England had formed the amateur athletic association with many great awards. Outstanding is the AAA championship. Since then, the US has also held many national athletic competitions every year. By 1896, the sport was in the important Olympic Games every four years.

The international governing body and the Olympic Games together with the athletics federation were established in 1912. This federation then changed its name in 2001 and held many competitions with great rewards to end the period. amateur earlier.

Above are the origins and history of this athletics development. After viewing the article, you know that athletics has a long history and the meaning of this sport is extremely meaningful.