Memory of running in the rain of a enthusiastic marathon runner

Cramping, exhaustion, obscured visibility are a challenge Nick Arciniaga athletes encountered when running in the rain during a marathon in the US.

On Runner’s World page, athlete Nick Arciniaga – marathon runner – shares his experience of conquering the 42 km road under the rain and storm, when he first joined the international run 8 years ago. The story once inspired the lovers of jogging.

The group runs 5 people who plan to support each other throughout the race, hoping one of them will win. At that time, it was a big storm, the wind was 48.3 km / h, the top was more than 20 people, all were tired and wanted to find shelter.

The distance ahead was 32.19 km, Ian’s condition caused Nick Arciniaga to ask himself, he often felt tired although physically still very good. The two had trained to attend a marathon in New York (USA), but Hurricane Sandy swept through the city causing the plan to change. They turned to contingency plans that were races in California. After 4 weeks of practice and re-tapering, the couple is ready for the upcoming school journey.

However, when entering the marathon, encountering a specific situation, they still find it difficult despite careful psychological preparation. When the road shortened by 8 km, the top was only 12 boys persistent competition. The position of the delegation changed countless times, some people tried their luck by running faster to overcome, but all failed.

When the race reached the 25 km mark, Nick Arciniaga began to burn out, losing contact with the leading group. Nick tries to run as fast as he can, but getting farther and farther away from the target. He also no longer cares about who leads, puts his whole mind into running, hoping that someone will fall behind him.

Nick’s effort put him in the top 5

When the track reached 38.6 km, Nick saw the person leading, his spirit uplifted and surpassed sixth place. He was full of hope that he could hurry to win. However, the race ended, Nick only reached the top 5 with a record of 2 hours 18 minutes 36 seconds. American Runner expressed admiration for the champion that year – Daniel Tapia – for the second time topped the professional marathon.

After the race, Nick spent two weeks recovering his legs before training again. Running in a rainstorm is a difficult but memorable experience, but I don’t expect to play in the same weather again.