Star Athletes Who Played More Than One Professional Sport (Part 1)

Usain Bolt

Most athletes dream of making it to the professional in one sport of choice. However, there are athletes who achieve that success and move on to another sport and continue pursuing great achievements.

After cementing his legacy as one of the greatest Olympians of all time, Usain Bolt retired in 2017. But a year later he brought his track skills to the soccer field. In August 2018, he started training in Gosford, Australia, with the Central Coast Mariners of the A-League. He shared that to him anything is possible. He doesn’t think limits and always look forward to the next challenge.

There will undoubtedly be many people following and eatching the eight-time gold medalist during his transition into another sport and he’ll be member of the exclusive club of multi-sport stars. Here are some other notable athletes who have been achieving success in more than one professional sport.

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders used to be a two-sport athlete in college and continued that record in his professional career.

Sanders was recruited by the New York Yankees in 1988 and then moved to the Atlanta Falcons in 1989. He showed great speed and performance in both sports as an outfielder for the Atlanta Braves and a cornerback for the Falcons. He lost the 1992 World Series playing for the Braves but won two Super Bowls in 1994 and 1995. He was known as “Prime Time” played baseball until 2001 and football until 2005.

Michael Jordan

He may always be known as the greatest NBA player to ever step on the court, but basketball wasn’t the only sport of his profession. 

In October 1993, Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA after winning his third title playing for the Chicago Bulls. However, he shocked everyone months later with the information that he was trying out for the Chicago White Sox, a team also owned by the Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

Jordan signed a contract with the White Sox and participating in 127 games for the teams minor league affiliate – the Birmingham Barons. He ended up the 1994 season with a batting average of .202, 51 RBIs, and 30 stolen bases. The next year, he had better success and won three more NBA Championships