The Benefits of Being a Multisport Athlete

We now live in an area where it is normal to see young athletes playing a single sport year-round. However, it had been proven scientifically that children who take part in multiple sports become superior athletes. There are many benefits from playing multiple sports as follows
Maintaining Interest in Sport
Playing one single sport year-round can be boring for youth athletes
Children break away from their normal routine and try something new and exciting
Add an extra level of eagerness and enthusiasm when being introduced to a new sport

Overuse Injury Prevention
Using the same muscles groups repeatedly for a long period of time can lead to serious injury
By playing multiple sports, players use different muscles throughout training which help reduce stress on one single area
Playing multiple sports enhance overall strength, flexibility and conditioning of athletes

Take Time to Decide Which Sport You Really Love to Play
It’s critical that children are able to try new things
Having options will enable children to decide what he/she really loves
Exposure is more important than specialization

Become a More Dynamic Team Player
Children learn how to be a team player in different circumstances
Help reduce social anxiety and stress
Children learn how to deal with diversity and adversity. 

In Conclusion…
Playing multiple sports with cross training can enhance certain physical skills as well as mental toughness.

Multi-sport athletes have better health and wellness, including decrease injury incidence, enhance athletic performance, improve leadership skills and teamwork, and better academic performance.

Although wise coaches encourage athletes to play multiple sports, we must stress on the realities of this early specialization age. The pressure put on athletes and their parents from those coaches and clubs operators who are concerned about losing their best athletes to other sports is very real and increasing all the time.