The fastest runner in the world is in the 80-84 age group

84-year-old Tony Bowman overcomes health challenges to win a gold medal running over the obstacles aged 80-84.

Tony is the representative for GB team at the recent European Championships in Italy, aged 80-84. He won three medals after the competition, including the gold medal for the obstacle course, the silver medal in the 400 m relay event, and the bronze medal in combined running. He also ranked fourth in the 100 m run rankings, ranked fifth in the 200 m standings.

Tony from Leeds, West York, for the first time competing in the 80-84 age category, broke 11 British track and field records, one European and one international record for triathlons. indoor, outdoor, indoor pentathlon.

A passionate runner

Tony was always passionate about running despite having two heart attacks when he was in his 70s. He was stented by a doctor after heart surgery. Tony still competes in hurdles, sprints and decathlon.

He practices every day, dancing, playing hockey. Recently, Tony reduced his alcohol intake and restricted eating chocolate, hoping the scientific diet would help him run 100 m at the age of 100. This man wishes to live to 120 years old.

When he was 15-16 years old, Tony had a passion for running, representing Middlesex schools participating in the athletics race. 27 years old, he gave up running but still played hockey and tennis.

At the age of 42, he competed in athletics in the Master category for those aged 35 and up. Since then, he never stopped practicing the subject and paid for the events and competitions he participated in thanks to his pension.

Tony continues to compete in Masters athletic events around the world. Athletics Masters is for older athletes in track, field and cross country. Competitors are categorized into 5-year age groups.

In the near future, Tony is expected to participate in running competitions in Portugal and Toronto, Canada.