The fellows Kenyan with Eliud Kipchoge that were banned due to using doping

A Kenyan professional athlete who won the London Marathon received a four-year suspension penalty for doping.

The World Athletics Discipline Commission has just released a statement. It is the four-year ban on Daniel Wanjiru, a Kenyan athlete who won the 2017 London Marathon, for using banned substances.

The 28-year-old star once defeated Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) to crown the London Marathon 3 years ago. Eliud Kipchoge’s compatriot was banned from December 9, 2019, until December 9, 2023. However, this athlete has been banned from any competition since April 14, 2020. Daniel Wanjiru’s performance from March 2019 will not be recognized, thereby canceling his 11th London Marathon 2019 performance.

Daniel Wanjiru won the London Marathon 2017, one of the 6 most prestigious marathon in the world, considered the most impressive victory of this runner career. Wanjiru has the best personal record at 42,195km at 2:05:21, set up at Amsterdam Marathon 2016 in the Netherlands.

This guy is officially named in the list of famous Kenyan long-distance running stars banned from playing because of drugs, along with Jemima Sumgong, Wilson Kipsang, and Asbel Kiprop…

Kenneth Kipkemoi got doping at the Boston Marathon 2019

Kenneth Kipkemoi, a fellow Kenyan with Eliud Kipchoge, was discovered using banned substances at the Boston Marathon 2019, which this athlete ranked 3rd…

The Commission for the prevention of doping (WADA) has just announced a doping test sample of athlete Kenneth Kipkemoi (Kenya) positive for banned terbutaline. Temporarily, the 35-year-old runner will be banned from the upcoming run until WADA makes a final decision.

At the Boston Marathon 2019 in April last year, Kenneth Kipkemoi achieved 2:08:07, only 10 seconds behind fellow champion Lawrence Cherono and runner-up Lelisa Desisa 8 seconds.

Kenneth Kipkemoi won the Rotterdam Marathon 2018

Kenneth Kipkemoi won the Rotterdam Marathon 2018

Kenneth Kipkemoi won the 2018 Rotterdam Marathon in the Netherlands, where he had his best personal record of 2:05:44. Kipkemoi has also confirmed his return to the Boston Marathon 2020 this April 20. However, with the above ban, the Kenyan star will definitely be absent.

If Kipkemoi is stripped of the third place in Boston Marathon 2019, compatriot Felix Kandie will be promoted to this position. Last year, Kandie ranked 4th with a time of 2:08:54. This year, Kandie and Cherono as well as Desisa have both confirmed their return to the US for the 2020 Boston Marathon.