The great achievements of the British athletics athlete

Sir Mo Farah is one of the greatest athletics athlete in Britain. Let’s check out his great achievements!

After going to Kenya and Ethiopia to practice with African elites in 2008, Farah won the European title in 5000m and 10000m in 2010.

In 2011, Farah moved to Oregon to train under the famous but notorious coach Alberto Salazar, who was later exposed to doping players at the end of 2019, which was also causing a lot of trouble for Mo Farah in the face of media suspicion. In Oregon, teammates train with Mo Farah to have Galen Rupp, one of the best athletes and athletes in the United States today.

Since 2011, Mo Farah’s career has taken a new step, he has gradually become the best athlete athlete in England (and perhaps the whole of Europe). He won the 5000m content championship at the IAAF World championships in Korea, he also broke the European indoor 5000m content record with a time of 13: 10.60, won a 3000m distance in the European Indoor Championships, champion and broke the British record at the NYC Half Marathon.

Although Mo Farah’s 2011 results will probably cost the entire article to list, but in 2012 he was even more successful, most notably two 2012 Olympics gold medals at 5000m and 10000m in the main. London home ground. Even when he won the 5000m championship, the cheering sound from the stands was so loud that the camera vibrated and blurred the image to the destination.

Because of the achievements that pleasing the whole of England as well as its charitable activities, Mo Farah was awarded the title of CBE by the Queen of England (only lower than the title of Knight) in the new year 2013. This even angered the British people, because they thought that Mo Farah deserved the title of Knight! It was also because of the CBE title that British and world media began to call him Sir Mo Farah.

In 2014, Mo Farah participated in the Marathon for the first time at the London Marathon, he finished with the time of 2: 08.21 and finished eighth, this is also a turning point in Mo Farah’s competitive career.

Mo Farah stopped running track in 2017 to switch to Marathon. Although his achievement has not reached sub 2:05 to become one of the best Marathon athletes in the world today, but the current 2:05:11 achievement of Mo Farah is also a European record.