The sexiest female athlete wants to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Whether the 2020 Tokyo Olympics should take place this summer is still up for debate. However, the beautiful German track and field female athlete Alica Schmidt would like to attend this great sports event.

The 21-year-old female athlete is also considered the future of German athletics, and promises to win the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 to compete.

Ms. Alica Schmidt also recently appeared on social networking Instagram with posts promoting sports practice against Covid-19 epidemic and posted many sexy photos, immediately caused fever and attracted nearly 1 million followers. ┬áSo far, this blonde beauty has been voted by the German press and a magazine in Australia as “the sexiest female athlete in the world”.

A promising athletics athlete

She also proved her talent when she played extremely impressive in the youth championships of the European Championship U.20, and won the HCB content of 4x400m relay in 2017.

Currently, Alica Schmidt moved to compete in the U.23 age team at the European Championship last year and helped the German track and field team win bronze and 4x400m content. In addition, this female athlete also competes in the middle distance running, and is actively preparing to compete in Europe to find a place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this summer.

If successful, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics still take place, promising female athlete Alica Schmidt will cause viewers fever by her sexy when competing on the track of athletics at the Summer Olympics. Also because of her attractive beauty, Ms. Alica Schmidt was once recommended by Playboy magazine to take nude photos. However, she declined flatly with a statement focusing solely on her sports career.

Considered to be a promising athlete, Alica Schmidt is also currently sponsored by the companies and organizations that sponsor world athlete Usain Bolt, Jamaican, to help her soon won the Tokyo Olympics 2020.