The status of runners during COVID-19 pandemic (Part 1)

A series of major runs was canceled or rescheduled. This causes the training plan to hit the dropping point and achievement goals of many bankrupt runner.

On May 28, the Boston Marathon organizers announced that the 124th race will be canceled. And for the first time, it has been replaced by an online event. Previously, the Boston Marathon once announced the delay of running date from April to September 2020.

Thus, due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, a series of tournaments of major cities such as Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Boston, London … have to change the organization plan, even cancel. The organizers of Boston Marathon called it “a difficult decision”, and for the athletes, they also had to continuously overcome the crisis due to the cancellation of many tournaments.

The Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon is not postponed, canceled, but limiting participants to create opposing views at the starting line in 2019 (right) and 2020 (left).

Keep on running

According to CNN, Simon Crow was not a professional athlete. However, within three months, he forced himself to follow the running exercise six times a week with nearly 100km. In the mood of excitement and anticipation, Crow hopes to establish a personal record at the Paris Marathon. The event was scheduled to take place on 5/4/2020.

“12 weeks of training to conquer the marathon distance is pouring into the river”. Crown said when he knew the race, he set a target to be rescheduled, to 18/10. Crown is only one of hundreds of thousands of athletes who suffer disappointment after a lot of training.

Most athletes understand the organizers’ decision to postpone the run, but the frustration is inevitable. Although running a marathon is becoming easier for the masses, athletes still need months, even years of practice, if they want to build their miracle on the track.

Todd Prescott was scheduled to attend the Boston Marathon in April 2020. This is the sixth and final tournament in the World Marathon Majors series. The six most prestigious running races in the world including Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York – that he wants to conquer.

The completion of all six majors is considered an admirable achievement. It is not easy to have a place to attend in the context of increasingly stringent participation conditions. According to the World Marathon Majors, currently only 6,401 runner-ups have participated in all six tournaments.