The status of runners during COVID-19 pandemic (Part 2)

After Boston, Prescott – a seasoned pilot in London – also planned to Edinburgh Marathon in May. And this event was also postponed. Even so, Prescott said he sympathized when the organizers of these tournaments had to decide for the public good.

Not only amateurs have a positive attitude to the difficulties, even Eliud Kipchoge’s world marathon recorders think the same way. Kipchoge and many colleagues are still training hard and waiting for the next tournament to conquer the goals set.

Kipchoge also plans to attend the London Marathon 2020 and plans to compete with Ethiopian runner Kenenisa Bekele. Kenenisa Bekele’s best personal record is only two seconds behind Kipchoge’s world record, and both put a lot of effort into the London race. “I look forward to joining you at the starting line soon,” the Kipchoge record emphasized.

Financial difficulties

Not only training efforts “pouring into the pool”, financial problems also cause many runner headache. Simon Crow and his girlfriend are both registered to run the Paris Marathon 2020, and cannot adjust to the new schedule.

But the organizers did not allow athletes to transfer the registration to the following year. They did not refund the registration fee of 135 USD. As a result, the money Simon Crow spent on the race were all “evaporated”. It included the travel expenses, the hotel of the two men and their two sons – who were going to cheer –

Crow said he didn’t regret working out a lot. He had another marathon in the fall, and had already signed up for New York in November. But the runner admitted to being depressed because of expectations of improving in Paris. He originally set the goal of running the marathon in this tournament. The achievement was sufficient for him to register for the London Marathon 2021 in the “Good for Age” category.

The marathon has become more and more popular in recent years. Therefore, the stage of screening and selecting athletes for majors is increasingly difficult.

Nearly half a million runners have applied for a lucky lottery. This was to run the London Marathon this year, making the running rate even lower. Another option is to run for a charity, requiring athletes to raise thousands of dollars – something not everyone can do. Therefore, registering with a good record in another race is a safe option.