The talented 20-year-old athlete set 2 new world records in athletics

September 18 marks a special day with Swedish pole jump player Armand Duplantis. At the Golden Gala athletic event Pietro Mennea (also known as the Rome Diamond League) took place in Italy, Duplantis reached 6.15m pole.

Armand Duplantis rejoices with the 6.15m record set on September 18

This achievement helped Duplantis beat the 26-year world record in the outdoor pole jump event. The previous record holder was Ukrainian athlete Sergey Bubka, when he reached 6.14m in 1994.

Armand Duplantis rejoices with the 6.15m record set on September 18

This is already the second world record in pole jump that Duplantis owns. Earlier in February, he set a record 6.18m in pole jump content in the house. An interesting thing is that he broke the old record set by himself just … a week, when he reached 6.17m.

This means that only in 2020, Duplantis will have set three new world records. In fact, since 2000, the World Athletics Federation has no longer separated the record between indoor and outdoor pole jumping. But for many, they still prefer viewing outdoor content as a more difficult challenge.

Such a statement is due in part to the fact that for the past 26 years, no one has been able to challenge Sergey Bubka’s outdoor performance. To make it easy to imagine, the person closest to former Ukrainian athletics star Sam Kendricks (USA) also achieved only 6.06m.

Therefore, it can be seen how Duplantis must depend on outstanding goods to break Bubka’s record. And he does all of the above when he was only 20 years old. Duplantis’ early success came from his mastery of pole jumping at the age of 9, 10.

Duplantis’ childhood training is also taking place in the closest place to the back garden. Although only 20 years old, this young man has shown an unbelievable maturity and courage when he never wanted to limit himself to a fixed pole.

“I try not to set limits on myself. Not because I already know for sure I can jump higher but I feel that there’s no way I can’t do any better than I am now,” said Duplantis shared with CNN.

Born in America, but Duplantis decided to choose to compete for Sweden because it is his mother’s hometown. At the Tokyo Olympics next year, Duplantis is expected to have a huge effect like athletics legend Usain Bolt. And the limits ahead are waiting for this guy to break.