Two athletic world records have been set in Brussels

Belgium – Mo Farah and Sifan Hassan both set men’s and women’s world records for the number of miles per hour at the Brussels Diamond League on September 4. Two new record achievements are 21,330 km for Farah and 18,930 km for Hassan.

Due to Covid-19, no spectators were allowed to enter the Roi Baudouin field, Brussels to see a competition. In the part where Farah and Hassan set a record, the athletes divided into two categories – men and women – running for an hour, the person with the longest-running distance won.

In female content, Hassan – a 27-year-old Ethiopian Dutch athlete – ran 18,930 km in 1 hour. She thus broke the old record of 18,517 km set by the Ethiopian Dire Tune in 2008. Before winning, Hassan and the Kenyan world record – Brigid Kosgei – competed fiercely during an hour of competition. Hassan accelerated the last minute to win.

In the male content, Mo Farah – British runners of Somali origin – reached 21,330 km. This achievement is 0.045 km longer than the old record that the Ethiopian legend Haile Gebrselassie set 13 years ago – 21,285 km.

Two athletic world records have been set in Brussels

Mo Farah’s biggest competitor is host country player Bashir Abdi. With only five minutes left, the race ended, Abdi – naturalized Somalie – took the lead and challenged Mo Farah. However, when he hit the hour mark, Mo Farah was 8 meters above his opponent.

Hassan was born in 1993, once won the gold medal of 1,500 meters and 10,000 meters at the 2019 World Championship. She is the only athlete in history to have ever won both competitions in a World Championship competition.

Farah is a superstar running 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters, each winning four Olympic gold medals. The runner born in 1983 switched to long-distance competitions in 2017, won the Chicago Marathon in 2018. He is holding the European record when playing Full Marathon with 2:05:11 achievement. The 37-year-old athlete is planning to defend the 10,000-meter gold HC at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The Brussels Diamond League is the fourth event in the 2020 Diamond League athletics tournament system. It follows the events in Monaco, Stockholm, and Lausanne. This year’s Brussels Diamond League competition includes 100m men’s wheelchairs, 1-hour women’s run, men’s pole jump, 100 meters women’s fencing (triathlon), 400 meters women’s running, women’s weightlifting, 200 meters men’s, 1,500-meter male, running 1-hour male…