Who will replace Usain Bolt to be the fastest runner in the world? (Part 2)

Christian Coleman is the more ideal name. Also an American, Coleman is only 23 years old this year and his achievement chart is an upward graph that has no end.

A year after winning the gold medal in London 2017, Coleman surpassed the 9.80 seconds (9.79 seconds) milestone in the Diamond League. With that achievement, Coleman can completely defeat Gatlin to become the world’s No. 1 on the speed track.

But both of these American athletes did not receive much love and support from the fans due to a common problem: doping. With Gatlin, his career was covered by countless doping scandals. In 2006, Gatlin received a four-year ban on competition – an important milestone that ushered in Usain Bolt’s glory days.

Not to the extent that Gatlin, Coleman have never been banned from playing for doping, but he was also “sweaty” to reach the 2019 World Championship. Just last month, the US Doping Agency issued a temporary ban. time for Coleman because he missed 3 doping tests in 12 months. If found guilty, Coleman will be banned from playing for up to 2 years.

Then, although Coleman successfully appealed and temporarily vindicated, but the ghost of doping still hovered over the 23-year-old athlete’s head.

Zharnel Hughes

If a beloved candidate is needed, 24-year-old British athlete Zharnel Hughes is the perfect case.

Hughes had a lot of connections with Usain Bolt while training with “lightning” at Jamaica’s Racers Track. He also has a close relationship with the famous elder, and Bolt was nicknamed “Captain” (captain) for his ability to … fly a plane. In addition to his track and field career, Hughes has a great passion for the sky and now owns a private jet.

Hughes is also improving significantly over time. At the European Championship last year, Hughes won a gold medal in the 100m content with a time of 9.95 seconds – equivalent to Usain Bolt before retirement.