How did Brigid Kosgei break the female marathon world record? (Part 2)

The process of training and maturing of Brigid Kosgei

Kosgei is a true marathon runner with very lightweight, always lands right below the center of her body, running in an energy-efficient manner and especially she started her professional running career right from the marathon. This meant she had no background in short runs, except for high school competitions. Here is a summary of Kosgei’s milestones.

2015: 2:47:59 Porto (career start, first prize)

2016: 2:24:45 Lisbon

2017: 2:20:22 Chicago (runner-up to Turinesh Dibaba monument with 2:20:22)

2018: 2:18:35 Chicago

2019: 2:14:04 Chicago (breaking KLTG)

At this point, it is very clear that Kosgei has an amazing talent for becoming one of the best marathon runners of all time.

Brigid Kosgei excellently broke the female marathon world record

Brigid Kosgei trained in Kenya, a place called Kapsait, located 3,000 meters above sea level. Her manager is Federico Rosa and her Coach is Erick Kimaiyo, a former Kenyan track, and field athlete. She lives at the Rosa training camp and trains with a large group of both male and female athletes.

One of her trainees is Vivian Kiplagat, who won this year’s Milano marathon with a new record of 2:22 PM. Brigid’s workouts are usually long and intense. You can see tracks up to 50 x 400m repeated on grass and slopes. Also, once a week she had to run 40 to 45 km pace 4:00 in her foundation-building stage.

One of the crazy things before Peachtree Road was that she did the same 4 x 3km repeating on a flat pavement near Kapsait at a 3: 00 / km pace. Sometimes she also has a long tempo, stretched on the hillsides 3,000m above sea level, for example, the 18km tempo runs under 60 minutes. She rarely practices in stadiums (synthetic asphalt) or even does flat lane practice.

Occasionally the group moves up the Eldoret direction to do a long tempo on a flat track. Just five weeks after she won the London marathon, she had a workout in the stadium, 9 x 1,000m, and started right away at 2: 58 / km pace and last 2: 52 / km pace.