Learn about the Boston Marathon – the dream run of many runners (Part 2)

December 31, 2020

After some professional athletes refused to participate in the prize-free tournament, the Boston Marathon adjusted and supplemented the prize money with the support of its sponsors. Today, the bonus is one of the most attractive factors to attract the world’sRead More

Learn about the Boston Marathon – the dream run of many runners (Part 1)

December 16, 2020

If for a football player, the dream tournament once in a lifetime to attend is the World Cup or the prestigious Champions League arena. With tennis players having 4 prestigious Grand Slam tournaments. For the cross country runners, the BostonRead More

8 tips every woman should remember when running alone (Part 1)

July 5, 2020

Carefully surveying the route, watching the weather forecast, carrying protective equipment, trusting your instincts … can help you to run alone safely. The biggest challenge with the runner when running start is overcoming laziness, find motivation out of the house.Read More

The status of runners during COVID-19 pandemic (Part 2)

July 3, 2020

After Boston, Prescott – a seasoned pilot in London – also planned to Edinburgh Marathon in May. And this event was also postponed. Even so, Prescott said he sympathized when the organizers of these tournaments had to decide for theRead More

Who is the 100m running champion in the 2019 world track?

June 29, 2020

Christian Coleman became the most prominent name in the world track and field at this time when he won the 100m gold medal in the World Championships 2019 in Doha (Qatar). Who is the fastest runner in 2019? With aRead More

Memory of running in the rain of a enthusiastic marathon runner

June 19, 2020

Cramping, exhaustion, obscured visibility are a challenge Nick Arciniaga athletes encountered when running in the rain during a marathon in the US. On Runner’s World page, athlete Nick Arciniaga – marathon runner – shares his experience of conquering the 42Read More

The status of runners during COVID-19 pandemic (Part 1)

June 17, 2020

A series of major runs was canceled or rescheduled. This causes the training plan to hit the dropping point and achievement goals of many bankrupt runner. On May 28, the Boston Marathon organizers announced that the 124th race will beRead More

All you need to know when joining a marathon running

June 10, 2020

Marathon is always an attractive race for runners. For many, completing this race is one of life’s important goals. Before you go into the marathon, you need to prepare a lot of things and understand the race to avoid makingRead More

How to run safely during COVID-19 pandemic? (Part 2)

May 26, 2020

6. Does the immune system weaken after strenuous training for the marathon? When you burn off your glycogen stores after a race, your immune system will no longer function as it should. If you unknowingly come into contact with someoneRead More

How to run safely during COVID-19 pandemic? (Part 1)

May 20, 2020

In the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have to postpone sports events, even blockade or close the border. Let’s learn how to stay safe while ensuring your training effectiveness. 1. Is it safe to run outdoors? Sure.Read More