Learn about the practice of world athletics champion Usain Bolt?

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican national athlete. He holds the world record for men’s 100m men’s running with 9.58 seconds. In 2015, Usain Bolt won the championship title of the World Athletics Championship held in Beijing with a record of 9.79 seconds of 100 meters men’s distance. The athlete has inspired many young juniors with a healthy lifestyle, standard diet, and exercise routine.

Practice mode

According to Healthy Celeb, in addition to athletic practice time, Usain regularly exercises bodybuilding and gym to keep fit body. Here are the basic exercises of a Usain workout that you can refer to the following.


This is Usain’s favorite exercise because it helps him relax the whole body and warm up the muscles before starting a real workout. Stretching helps stretch the neck, shoulder, hamstring, leg muscles… to limit injuries during exercise.

Stretching is Usain’s favorite exercise because it helps him relax the whole body

Core exercise

Core exercise is the simplest and most effective exercise for the chest, hips, and lower back. Everyone can do core exercises without much support from their coach.

Leg lifts

You need to lie straight on the floor, legs raised, perpendicular to the body. Keep one arm under the buttock for support, balance. Raise the legs so that it is perpendicular to the body and return to the original position. You can gradually increase the number of exercises depending on your fitness. During the exercise, you need to keep your back pressed to the floor.


Plank is an important part of every Usain practice session. This movement helps to tone the abdominal muscles, arm muscles, and legs. Usain does the plank 5 – 10 reps.


Lie flat on the floor and lift the pillow to a 90-degree angle, slowly lift the pillow and legs so that your knees touch your chest, then return to the original position. When doing the exercise, your hands are placed on the floor. Repeat this movement 5 – 10 times for beginners.


Do 10 squats to improve overall body and increase fitness. Besides, Usain practice exercises with the machine and gym equipment according to the instructions of the coach and the training schedule.


Above is the practice mode of world athletics champion Usain Bolt. The nutritionists and coaches also plan the training and nutritional supplements closely for Usain so that he can maintain his form and achieve his best during the seasons.