Learn about the Boston Marathon – the dream run of many runners (Part 1)

If for a football player, the dream tournament once in a lifetime to attend is the World Cup or the prestigious Champions League arena.

With tennis players having 4 prestigious Grand Slam tournaments. For the cross country runners, the Boston Marathon is always a burning desire.

Why is the Boston Marathon considered a testament for long-distance runners?

The Boston Marathon has a rich history, experiencing glorious moments but also dark times, tinged with tragic colors. Besides, the criteria for participating in the tournament are also very strict, not everyone wants to participate. The above factors create an invaluable brand for the award.

In 1897, the Boston Marathon was born on the inspiration of the first Summer Olympics a year earlier. This is also one of the four oldest major events in the United States. It has always been held even in the hottest and most difficult times during the two world wars.

The Boston Marathon is held on the 2nd of the 3rd week in April

Continuous maintenance shows the vitality of the tournament to overcome the hatred and fierceness of war. That makes the Boston Marathon even more special, becoming a symbol of the eternal spirit of sport.

The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is held on the 2nd of the 3rd week in April, so it is also called Monday Marathon. In the first year, the Boston Marathon was very modest with only 18 athletes and the first runner only took 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the 26.2 miles or 42,195km. This is a good achievement compared to the present time when athletes receive a lot of support from scientific exercises.

Until 1986, the Boston Marathon was purely a “movement” sport, emphasizing the spirit as the main, not focusing on the material factors, but specifically here is the bonus for the people. Stand on the podium of glory.