8 tips every woman should remember when running alone (Part 1)

Carefully surveying the route, watching the weather forecast, carrying protective equipment, trusting your instincts … can help you to run alone safely.

The biggest challenge with the runner when running start is overcoming laziness, find motivation out of the house. The barrier is bigger if there is no companion. Questions about personal safety, traffic, running places … often cause women to give up the intention to practice alone.

Here are 8 tips to help women be more excited and safe when running alone on long distances.

Choose a route

There are many ways to determine the desired route, such as driving a survey, viewing a map, or using the routing application on your phone. In addition to the factors of traffic, population, female runner should consider the safety of the running track, electric lights, pedestrian lanes.

If the above requirements are too difficult, you can start with The route is simpler. Coach Elizabeth Corkum (USA) suggested that women run near their houses for half the expected time.

Note when running at night

Daytime running is the safest, but not everyone is free this time. If you plan to run the evening, it’s important to bring the right equipment.

During the night, some car drivers are out of sight, so runners should prepare headlights and warning lights behind their heads, wear neon costumes, keep headphones at home, pay attention around them. The elements of people, animals or potholes on the road are also easily obscured, need to keep a clear mind and focus when running.

Observe the weather

When practicing outdoors, you will encounter some problems out of control, typically the weather. Dressing in accordance with the ambient temperature can help runner more comfortable.

In the winter, it is better to wear 20 degrees warmer than you actually are, because you only feel cold when you walk out the door, your body temperature will increase after a few minutes running.

Moisture and sunlight also affect body activity. Women should avoid cotton underwear, protect eyes and face with sunglasses, cap in the summer. In addition, experts recommend bringing water when running in hot, humid weather.