30 obligatory rules for marathons that runners should know (Part 3)

21. Do not leave the track

Many athletes often have the habit of turning sideways to buy food, meet friends on the run … but that is not recommended, especially at big races like the Chicago Marathon. The track is usually completely blocked for runners, if you leave this area, you will not be allowed to return to the track.

22. Strictly prohibited substances

Doping is a banned substance in sports. Never think about using doping for better performance.

23. Paying income tax

If you stand at the podium and win a prize, you are obligated to pay taxes on this income.

24. Skates can be used at some races

Berlin Marathon is one of the world’s most prestigious running events with very attractive rollerblading (rollerblading, skate) content.

25. Declaring the prescribed time

Cut-off time is the time specified by each race. This means that you have to complete the course within this time to receive the results and receive the medal for the completion.

26. Do not litter

Most races have this rule. Please dispose of waste at the prescribed place, usually a resting place, providing water, food on the run.

27. Read the rules

It sounds very simple, but it is not something athletes do. Read all the rules announced before the race.

28. No refunds

Most tournaments have this clause. That is when registering to participate, for any reason the prize is postponed or canceled, the organizer reserves the right to not refund.

Recently, since many marathons have been canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers still have the rights not to refund the athlete.

29. Always specify the running number

Wearing bib in the right position (usually in front of the chest or waist) to the referees, the photographer can see your number. Do not wear the bib on the back, on the thigh, or even pocket pants.

30. Don’t sit in the middle of the line tying your shoelaces

You should not stop running abruptly, leaning down, or even running on the track to tie the shoelaces. This will affect the speed of the runners behind. Go to the curb or the right places to do this.

Above are obligatory rules for marathons that runners should know.