The 87-year-old man that inspires many young triathlon athletes (Part 1)

From participation to stay healthy, Hiromu Inada (87 years old, Japanese) feels it is his responsibility to inspire young people through triathlons. Inada prepared to practice cycling in the gym in March 2020. With this 87-year-old man, age is just a number.

By 2020, most sports leagues are canceled due to the influence of Covid-19. But Inada maintains high-intensity training on his own and is looking forward to joining Ironman in Hawaii by 2021.

Inada’s day usually begins before the sun can rise above the peaceful countryside of Chiba, southeast of Tokyo. He goes to the gym at 6 o’clock, regularly six days a week, and sometimes exercises until sunset.

Inada usually goes straight to the 50m swimming pool at Image International Swimming School. Without rest or getting tired, he rushed into the gym – where his bicycle was – and practiced with other young people.

Inada swims more than 3km per day

The 87-year-old record-holder likes to try different training methods, focusing on posture or breathing to ease into the race and not be restricted by age. Usually, Inada will try new exercises given by the coach, or refer to other athletes playing other subjects shared on television.

Diet and healthy eating

With food, he was more disciplined than when he practiced. Inada set out a strict regime by himself, choosing only foods that he believes will enhance his performance. He chooses a balanced diet of protein and carbs and makes soup with 14 ingredients to eat for breakfast.

Inada tried the Ironman exam for the first time in 2015 and failed. That year, after swimming and cycling competitions, he completed the run despite two falls before the finish line. Inada stood up, staggering to the finish line, but only later found out that she was disqualified because she was 5 seconds behind COT (cut-off time) of 16 hours and 50 minutes.